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26 Jan 2015 - This step by step tutorial will visually show you how to navigate your Vimeo account make your Vimeo videos compatible with mobile devices. 585 Videos1,674 Followers6 Likes. MAKE brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life. We celebrate your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will. Maker…Read more · MAKE presents: The LED - LED. 05:29  29 Oct 2016 - There are tons of great videos on Vimeo, some of which you can view offline. Here's how to record or download them, using Vimeo and a few other methods.

25 Nov 2015 - Vimeo Staff Picks are not just pretty visuals and tight editing; there is always a solid story arc and dynamic subjects. Make sure your video has an interesting "character" and contains a beginning, middle, and end. Not every video has be a narrative. Many time-lapse videos and animations do not have a  12 Sep 2016 - Easily edit and share cinematic videos on your phone with our award-winning (and free!) video editing app for iOS. The Cameo video editor lets you combine clips from your Camera Roll to edit, trim and splice in just a few swipes.

Add a professional sheen with high quality video filters, themes and the  16 Jan 2014 - Now that you've learned how edit videos and slideshows in Adobe Photoshop, we want to make sure you know the best steps to be able to share your video with clients or friends and family onto your own personal Vimeo Channel. To get started uploading your video on Vimeo, follow the steps below:  27 Sep 2016 - At TechSmith, our goal is to help our users take advantage of the power of video in their daily jobs. But, making the video is just half of the equation.

Choosing where you host your video is one of the most important decisions you'll make in the planning process. Today, we'll pit YouTube vs Vimeo! Upload a Video from your iPhone straight to Vimeo. "How do I Share a Vimeo Video with Someone?" by Note: Click here to learn how to retrieve your Vimeo URL. Make sure that your video privacy settings in Vimeo are set to Anyone can see the video and the embed settings are set to Anywhere. If your Vimeo video plays in low quality (SD), make sure that it's set to play in HD by default in your Vimeo account (Pro and Plus  There are a few ways to add video to your site.

First, you can upload video directly using our HD Video element, if you're a Pro or 26 Apr 2016 - Could you link me to the video in question so I can take a look at what's going on? Carvin Knowles Plus 3 months ago. Hi Haley, I also need to make a video downloadable. I'm traveling in Vietnam without my computer and just received notification that a film festival needs my trailer immediately. Squarespace supports embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto, and Wistia. Background videos are supported for most layouts and can only use YouTube or Vimeo videos.

For Video Blocks, Gallery Page s, and Gallery Block s, you'll need to customize the video's embed code make the video autoplay. This 2 minute video describes how to get Embed code from use in your Presentation, to create Upload your videos for free on Vimeo, use privacy controls to choose who sees them, and share or stream videos in gorgeous HD on tons of devices. OK, so you've got all these ideas for captivating your audience with videos. Let's make them happen. Vimeo 16 Dec 2010 - Additionally, the zoom manual control will help you get a nice smooth zoom in or out.

Don't forget that big red record button for capturing those great moments! The right camera for you is the one that allows you to make the videos you want by giving you the tools and controls you need! Move on to Shooting  21 Jan 2012 - You can also make the link unpublished, so that it can't be accessed by searching you tube—however neither of these options really allow you make a video open to only people with a password). Vimeo, an alternative video sharing service does allow you to password protect individual videos, and even  18 May 2016 - To help make the process a little easier, we've broken the basics of getting into filmmaking down into five essentials, so you can dive in and begin making videos posthaste.

Surface interesting stories. The key to getting started with (and sticking video making is telling interesting stories. But there's not a  22 Jul 2015 - You can control who has access to your video (but you can't control who's sitting next to them while they watch it). 29 Mar 2017 - YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosts make it easy embed their players in your own website. However, Youtube, Vimeo and others don't provide responsive videos by default. In this short tutorial, we'll show you how to make YouTube, Vimeo and other videos responsive in your website, using just a few  Upload, organize, and manage your videos.

Upload multiple videos at once, and keep them secure with precise privacy settings. Add videos to albums, channels, and groups keep things tidy, or share with a wider audience. Edit the settings for multiple videos at once for easy video asset management. 27 May 2011 - Let's make video on the web better ey? 5. You get a Vimeo API key. — When registering you will need to set it as a Write application and set a Callback URL as FullURL/vimeo/authenticate.php — You also want to request perms to upload via — This can take up to a  25 Apr 2017 - Vimeo is a great video sharing site for professionals and hobbyists alike.

It offers its users 500MB of free storage every week, and features SD and 720p HD playback for free and pro users alike. In order upload your videos to Vimeo, you need to prepare the files to maximize your storage space and  Learn how to make better videos through lessons, tutorials, and sage advice from industry insiders and our community. And now, you can also dive into 360 Video School for all things 360 filmmaking. From development to the editing room and beyond, behind-the-scenes videos reveal the 16 Dec 2010 - From Camera Computer, the first order of business is getting the video clips that you shot on your camera over to your computer for editing.

Take either a USB cord to connect the camera the computer, or just remove the memory card from the camera and put it into a card reader that's connected to your  Learn how to make a Vimeo video autoplay on your website. Create an autoplay Vimeo video on both There was a time — just after dinosaurs roamed — that broadcast TV was the only way to distribute video. Back then, only big-moneyed productions found their way to an audience. Fast forward 2013. Now almost anyone with a mobile phone can be the next Fellini. Once you create your masterpiece you want an  4 Nov 2014 - Upload videos faster to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other online video sites - the trick is to compress and convert your videos.

a modern format that YouTube, Facebook and similar sites can easily process (MP4 format, H.264 video codec, AAC audio codec) can make a huge difference in most cases. Select a predefined color (little boxes) or use the color selector to create a custom color: Vimeo select color. The Intro has 3 options: Portrait (which is your Vimeo avatar), Title (of the video) and Byline (author name). Special stuff determines the behavior of the video player. This is quite self-explanatory: Vimeo video size. 28 Mar 2012 - Check out these three ways to download video from Web sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Before copying or distributing any content online, make sure you have the legal right to do so. Keeping YouTube, DailyMotion, Megavideo, Metacafe, and Vimeo are just a few of the sites compatible with KeepVid..

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