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The Legacy System allows you to create your own system that allows affiliates to send traffic to your site. Topics. Account Settings 13; Accounting 14; Getting Started 8; Reporting 7. Affiliates. ⌅. CCBill Home · About CCBill · Careers · Legal/Corporate Responsibility · DMCA · AUP. © 2018 CCBill, LLC. All rights reserved. nrf drupal association phoenixnap partner pci dss compliant thawte asacp fsc CCBill, LLC BBB  Affiliate Split Information. Merchants have the option of splitting the CCBill Fees with the Affiliates that referred the transaction to them. This fee splitting function can be turned on at the account or subaccount level in the CCBill Admin Portal by clicking Legacy > Accounting/Split CCBill Fee > Accounting. It's important  In order to assign an Affiliate to a group you have previously created, you need to complete the steps listed on this page. The interconnectivity of the Internet is a powerful business tactic when used effectively. Referral traffic garnered through affiliate marketing strategies can produce increased sales and revenues while simultaneously driving more recognition of your brand across the Web. CCBill payment processing includes highly  Affiliate Grouping allows Merchants to create different payout settings for different types of Affiliates and assign them to different groups with different payout settings.

Additionally, you can personalize Bonus Level Tiering and send emails to Affiliate Groups from within the Admin Portal. Settings are prioritized and applied in Admin Login; Contact Us · Merchant Chat · Question on a Charge; 800.510.2859. Integration Center · APIs · Demos · FAQs · Merchant Support · Knowledge Base · Integration Partners · Blog · Learn More. Admin Login. I am a CCBill. Account. Username. Password. Forget your username / password? Services. Tools to help you connect with affiliates that may drive traffic to your site when utilizing CCBill's system or a third party affiliate system. Analytics. Tools to help you measure traffic, product performance and customer satisfaction. Business Services. Enterprise specialty services to support your projects  CCBill merchant program questions and answers. Follow these steps to create an Affiliate Group: Sign in to the Admin Portal. Click the Legacy Affiliate Mega Menu, then select Grouping. Click Create New Group. Enter a Group Name. Click Add. The new group will now display in the Grouping page (step 2 above). Links to the right of the group will allow you to Edit Payouts,  Legacy Affiliate General Info · How do Affiliate Payouts work?

How do I setup an Affiliate Program? How do affiliates register to my Affiliate Program? How can I look up an affiliate? How can I edit an individual affiliates payout settings? How can I deactivate an How do Individual Payout, Grouping, and System Setup  Partners program aligns innovative business solutions and valuable services into one marketplace, to help our merchants leverage proven solutions, and get the most out of their payment processing. Team up with CCBill to provide your integrated software or business services to our merchants. See our Partners · Affiliates. This area permits searches, Affiliate/tracker status changes, locked IP clearing, account administration, and Affiliate information viewing. Search. The Search dialog is displayed in the Selection Pane permitting the location of account information. To Search For Affiliate Account Information: Type the  Before affiliates start signing up you need to create a sign up banner for your Affiliate Program. Referred Affiliates. The Referred Affiliates report allows you to pull up information about the Referring Affiliates, for the last seven days. The report will allow you to look at all the Affiliates for the subaccount's Program. You can analyze how they are being paid out and determine which ones may receive percentages  Advanced Features.

Use the Advanced Features area to customize the performance of the Program. Before enabling any of these features, understand what they do to avoid overpaying the Affiliates. This area contains options that are very complex; contact Merchant Support for assistance. If required, choose a  A comparison between CCBill and GoDaddy Program, including market share analysis. GoDaddy Affiliate Program is leading in more websites c Referring URL. The Referring URL report displays the web locations where referrals originated and a count of transactions from the URL. This report also displays the Affiliate who received credit for the referral. The Referring URL is the location that sent the hit to the page. To run the report: Choose the Date Range for the  14 Jul 2016 - Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate, the situation is clear – even with changes in the market, marketing is here to stay! Affiliate Program. System Setup. Set options for banner links,. payouts and click tracking. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Legacy Affiliates TAB. blank blank blank blank blank blank blank. The Affiliate System is a promotional program. to help drive site traffic and increase revenue.

10. System Setup - Banner URLs. The subaccount list will. Please post which ccbill xxx programs are the most reliable and with which you do best? :D. Affiliate Click Setup. For Affiliate Click Setup: Choose the subaccount you wish to administer. Set the administration options desired: Max Number of Pages - Choose the maximum number of pages that the affiliate should be able to view stats for. This should never be more than three without management approval. To look up an affiliate: Sign in to the Admin Portal. Browse to Legacy Affiliate > Affiliates. Enter search terms in the available fields (Affiliate ID, Email, First/Last Name). Click Lookup. From this area you may also sign up new affiliates or email your existing affiliates. How do affiliates register to my Program? How can I look up an affiliate? How can I edit an individual affiliates payout settings? How can I deactivate an affiliate? How do Individual Payout, Grouping, and System Setup payout settings interact with one another? Difference between Raw and Unique Clicks  Support (Existing Affiliate Inquires) Hours: 24/7. TF: 855.330.8755 email: · Affiliate Support Center International Toll Free Number: New Merchant Inquiries Hours: 8 a.m.

– 5 p.m. Arizona Time, Monday-Friday TF: 888.364.4332 email: International Toll Free Number:. In order to be valid, all Merchant Affiliate Forms must be signed prior to being sent to CCBill. Please fax forms to 480.449.8801. Changes to your CCBill Merchant Account can only be made by the person that is currently associated with the Affiliate ID. If you have any questions about these forms please feel free to  Linking is the process of tethering CCBill Legacy IDs together for Accounting and Reporting purposes. The CCBill System is a tried-and-true toolset that is highly capable of helping you build an affiliate network. From within the CCBill Admin Portal, you can configure your program any number of ways to increase traffic and sales, automatically payout for referred sales, and keep your affiliates in the loop  To Deactivate an Sign in to the Admin Portal. On the Legacy Mega Menu, select Affiliates. Enter search terms to locate the Affiliate you wish to deactivate. Click Lookup. Locate the you wish to deactivate and click the Active Partner hyperlink. Choose a suspend reason and enter notes (required). Once you find a Sponsor who supports the CCBill Legacy Affiliate program you will be requested to sign up to the CCBill Legacy System.


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